Mission, Vision and Values

Our commitment is to take care of you


We are a family business committed to the satisfaction of our clients . Quality is our letter of presentation, and at our hotels, you will be treated friendly with a very close attention during a beautiful holiday at the Mediterranean.


We work to position ourselves as a well-known brand in the tourism world, recognized for the quality of our products and our services, as well as our focus on fulfilling both the needs of our clients and their expectations. A familiar and close treatment differentiates us from our competitors; and the gap widens every day.


GFH Hotels values are interrelated and complement each other. These are the basis of our work and our daily improvement.


At GFH Hotels we have a commitment to quality in our services. This means a permanent dedication and a daily challenge that comprises our whole team in the organization. Aiming our efforts at this goal has to be a part of every individual commitment, since it has become essential to make a difference and create a fundamental added value for our product.

This means a continuous improvement, listening to the opinions of our guests and improving processes on a daily basis, to be better and better adapted to the needs of our customers.

Positive attitude

We promote the positive attitude of our workers, so that they are happy, eager to help and willing to attend. In other words, our team is prepared to meet and fulfill the needs of customers with a kind smile at all times.

To do this each team member should feel at ease, and the internal customer satisfaction is is also internally promoted. For us this is the key, since happiness and good feelings are transmitted and passed to our guests. Each member of our team is part of the GFH Hotels family.


Offering the best service entails the collaboration, efficiency and professionalism of each of our team members. The key to our success is human capital, a team that works together to achieve customer and self satisfaction, to do the job well done and to see the results in clients who visit us year after year.

At our hotels we want you to feel at home and that our team also feels at ease. If this is so, our customers are happy, they enjoy their holidays with us and they feel like repeating this experience.


We are the experts and we must give reasons to our customers to continue being such. We have to exceed their expectations to gain their loyalty. We want to build a bond of trust, to let our customers know that their needs and desires will be fulfilled, and that we will be there when they need it.

Every visit is a new challenge, to make their next visit even better than the previous one and offering them services and facilities with the best quality, improving and modernizing them year after year.


A Quality Service is client oriented, in order to make them feel understood in their tastes and needs. At GFH Hotels we want happy and loyal customers visiting us very often.

The members of our team offer a personalized and very close treatment. A unique value that you will not find easily in other hotels. We think the our best advertising is what satisfied customers say.

Exceptional Service

All the above values are summarized in one: Exceptional service. The best quality service will always attract customers. Delivering it that way should be a norm, maintaining the same level of service at every opportunity when interacting with our guests.

With this type of services we make a difference and achieve the satisfaction of our clients, exceeding their expectations and making the best of their stay with us. They themselves thank us, coming back to visit us periodically and spreading the best publicity among their family and friends circles.