GFH Hotels Policy

The GFH Hotels philosophy aims at achieving the maximum satisfaction of external customers, staff and any interested party.

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Therefore, the daily activity of the establishment aims at achieving the maximum clients satisfaction during their stay at the Hotel, meeting or exceeding their initial expectations. Our motto is: 'The client is the center and we must make him feel at home'. To achieve this goal, we provide our staff withe the necessary infrastructure and material to perform their duties, as well as the adequate training to our personnel for their correct development and performance.

We create an appropriate work environment for staff to get involved in achieving our organization's objectives, which that are aligned with the context analysis carried out and are periodically reviewed to ensure its achievement and effectiveness through the review and monitoring of the analysis of risks and opportunities made by teh Company Management.

We have a firm commitment regarding the application and compliance with current legal regulations that are applicable. However, beyond that, we are committed to providing services based on quality standards. For this, the collaboration of all our members is fundamental, and we are aware of the importance of the application of the Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 standard and with the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

Review and updates

This policy is subject to periodic review and updating.